Soya and Grain Head

Soya and grain head flexible fixed moving platform
Model TS 90

The flexible fixed mowing platform for soya and cereals (grain head) can operate with all combines makes and models The harvesting wheel is operated by a variable speed pump with the possibility of adjusting the spring’s inclination.
It is possible to block the flexibility of the cutting blade to use the header for grain.

Harvesting reel: the large diameter reel – Ø mm. 1,070 – has six blades with harvesting teeth and is driven by a variable capacity pump with a rotating speed of 10 – 65 rpm,  djustable from the cabin. The reel working position is hydraulically controlled. The reel is driven by a gear positioned on the reel itself. The inclination of the springs is adjustable.

Supporting slides: the ground supporting slides are coated with high density

Feeding auger: feeding auger: large diameter auger – Ø mm. 610 – with disk safety clutch and adjustable retractile fingers on all its length.

Hydraulic transmission: the header can work with an independent hydraulic transmission with its own tank and filter only connected to the PTO of the combine, or using the hydraulic system by a multi coupler system.

Cutting blade transmission: the cutting blades gear box is driven by a belt and it has the Schumacher cutting system for cereals.

Flotation: the header can be completed on request with the lateral flotation kits, to control the work position of the header, connected to the control of the combine.