Maize Line

Fixed and foldable maize headers / corn head
Models TM 2 / TM-RP2 spacing cm. 60|70|75|80 cm

The maize headers can operate with all combines makes and models.
Covers and points: in metal, foldable and with a low profile, are particularly suitable to harvest laid down product; in metal to get an easy and economical maintenance.

The sturdy frame of the gathering units is electrically welded and finished with a cataphoresis treatment and with an hermetic oil bath gear boxes; each milking roller is provided with n. 8 hard steel blades with carbide tungsten insert and with treated steel angle irons to ensure a perfect milking.

On request the milking rollers can be delivered with 5 winglets; both systems are, at any moment, interchangeable by changing the milking rollers.

Stalk chopper gear box is in a oil bath and it has a very low absorption, the box is mounted in a lateral forward position with a high rotation speed: 2,600 rpm.

The chopper is provided with two blades with carbide tungsten insert and their length allow for a wide cutting diameter which covers the whole length of the milking rollers.

Maize headers can be supplied with a blade or rotary sunflower kit to harvest sunflower.

corn head

corn head