For nearly 50 years Tecnomais has been synonymous with metalworks, metal carpentry and welding.
Thanks to our great experience, a well organized operative structure, with facilities equipped to the most up-to-date machinery and a design and technical studio working exclusively for us, we are able to guaranty the necessary flexibility in every specific operative mean and situation in the realm of metalwork.

Tecnomais is constituted by two main operative warehouses—both properly equipped with overhead cranes—that combined cover a total area of 10,000 square meters and a vast open area, all located in Ceresara.

Tecnomais is present in today’s market with the third generation of the Bignotti brothers helped by their young and inspired collaborators. A work force devoted to satisfy every need of their clientele.

Tecnomais is certified ISO 9001

Laser cutters that cut up to 8000 x 2500 mm.
A department equipped with binding presses that can bind up to 6000 mm in length with a pressure of 400 tons.
The symbiosis of the two grants the high quality of the final product.

lavorazioni del metallo
Welding represent the tradition of Tecnomais.
Today all our operative processes respect and follow the rigidity of the Uni En 1090-1 regulations.
lavorazioni del metallo
Years of experience allow us to accomplish different tasks in the many fields where metal carpentry applies such as: construction—both private and public, naval engineering, show business, both the agricultural and industrial ends of the food industry as well as the automotive and chemical industries.
lavorazioni del metallo