Sunflower Header

Fixed and foldable sunflower headers
Models TI and TI-RP1 spacing cm 45|50|60|70|75|80|90

The sunflower header can be used also for sesame and sorghum and can operate with all combines makes and models. The header can be completed with one or two lateral conical augers hydraulically driven by an independent system.Concave covers: product losses are minimized thanks to the concave covers which allow the product to slide towards the auger.


Harvesting units: the harvesting units sturdy frames are electrically welded with water tight gear boxes with cathaphoresis. Product
harvesting is made by means of corrugated belts mounted on the harvesting chain tensioned by a turnbuckle and by two counter rotating disks which are mounted on a turnbuckle.


Feeding auger: the auger has a variable pitch to push the product towards the center, is provided with adjustable winglets in function of the width of the combine feeding channel.