Who we are

Our great story started nearly 50 years ago with our founder Camillo Bignotti. We are successfully facing today’s challenges thanks to the newer Bignotti generations and their solid team of young, ambitious and motivated collaborators.A modern infrastructure for metalwork organized in two production centers covering a total of 10,000 square meters of land.

Every department is equipped with the most modern machines, such as laser cutters with a 6000 W generator able to cut up to a length of 8 meters, robotized presses for bending CNC, 14 overhead cranes the can lift up to 10 tons each and a fully mechanized department dedicated to welding and assembling.

But our attention to every detail is second only to the most important mean of our production which is our complete and constant dedication, as a passionate group, to the satisfaction of the needs and demands of our Clients.

All the certifications of production quality obtained and maintained over the years are a testament to the objective goals and ambitions that model our business mentality.

Agricultural Machines

In June 2013 Tecnomais absorbed the facility, the raw materials and the patents of the DBF ENERGY Srl—a company with triennial experience in the production of threshing headers—allowing to grow a solid presence in the market both nationally and internationally.