Laser precision cutting and bending

Laser cutting allows every kind of shaping on plane plates that can be up to 20mm thick and on every metallic material such as iron, stainless steel, brass and copper, with high precision in also creating holes, carvings and markings.


Our technical supervision office is carefully organized through a managerial system of production, observing and recording every step of the process and therefor able to detect potential irregularities.

laser cutting
laser cutting

Our long time experience in the automotive sector prepared us with the knowledge needed to both manage and purchase the specific, therefor certified, materials involved in the process.

The collaboration with high quality and trustworthy providers also guarantees the matching with quality standards requested during commissioning by our clients.

Our indoor work area is equipped with 4 laser cutters, one of which is a “Fiber Cutting Machine” powered by a 6000 Watt generator, with cutting boards up to 8000×2500 mm.

These four laser cutting stations can be both man and computer controlled, allowing us a higher and more consistent productivity.

This way of managing our productivity allows us to dedicate every and each machine to the specificity required by each material and commission, guaranteeing more availability and a more professional approach to our clientele, ultimately providing a faster completion of every commission.


The ability to work with materials such as carbon steel (S235, S275, S355, DX420, DX490, DX700), such as anti wear and high resistance steel, such as stainless steel “aisi” 304 and 316, such as zinc-coated sheet metal and “corten” steel on our 8 meters long work surface allows us to satisfy the specificity of every client’s demand.


Our Bending department is equipped with CNC controlled machinery, one of which completely computerized, able to bend metal up to 6000 mm in lenght.

laser cutting