Pick-up Head

Harvest header for products in pathway
Model: “PICK-UP”

The PICK-UP Header is a simple and sturdy machine with a mechanical durability of a lifetime. This model is built to work where threshing cannot be done directly like when harvesting crops like ryegrass, beans and rice.

The PICK-UP line includes the “multi carpeted” model PU with harvesting ability up to 3, 4, 5 and 6 meters of effective width, with each carpet being 50 cm wide.

In the current year the line will finally include the “mono carpeted” model built with a reparable-rubber carpet that can reach dimensions of effective harvest of 5,60 meters and 7,60 meters.

Hay Press: the PICK-UP models can be completed with an hydraulically mechanized system to keep the hay pressed down while harvesting, a process made possible by both a series of springs and by the adjustability of the system in both height and depth.