Pick-up Head

Harvest header for products in pathway
Model: “PICK-UP”

The Pick-Up head is available in three models and operates with all combines makes and models. The feeding auger is supplied with adjustable retractile fingers on all its length.

Feeding auger has a large diameter auger – Ø mm. 610 – with adjustable retractile fingers on all its length.

The gathering belt is made of 6, 8 or 10 belts with an useful cut of from m. 3.00 to m. 5.00; each belt is provided with 36 springs on 9 rows.
The gathering belts speed, hydraulically controlled, is adjustable from the cabin.

The Pick-Up hydraulic transmission system is independent from the one of the combine with a pto shaft which is connected to the combine power out take, or can be connected directly to the combine by a multi-coupling system.
Supporting wheels are adjustable in height and pivoting and are in full rubber, to avoid damages.

The Pick-Up can be completed with a swath-holder, an hydraulic system to keep the  material down during the work.

pick-up head